I Hear You.

And you're not alone.

I know you're craving a clutter-free & more organized space to make your everyday run smoother. The only problem- you're too overwhelmed to know where to start. Or maybe your systems are non-existent so anything goes, leaving your house in constant chaos. And HELLO! You've tried to get organized in the past, (ok maybe more than once - twice...) , but with no clear plan & life's demands, you've been forced to settle with the space as is, knowing very well you deserve more. And you are right. You do deserve more. You deserve a functional space that works for you and not against you. And I want to help you get there.

Get Organized Today for a Smoother Tomorrow

A self-paced course of mindset shifts and action steps to give you the tools to :

  • Reduce Overwhelm and Frustration in Your Daily Routines

  • Find What You Need When You Need It

  • Save Time & Money by Knowing What You Have or Need

  • Recognize and Reconnect With What Matters Most

  • Let Go Without The Guilt

  • Implement Systems That Work for Your Household

  • Create a Space That Calms and Inspires

  • Maintain A Lifestyle of Order Over Chaos

Hello, I'm Maggie.

Your Guide to Organized

There is no way around it - the state of my home and workspace directly affects my mood and productivity. Just ask my very patient husband and 4 kids. Through trial and error, I've learned that by creating systems and simplified spaces makes it's easier to reset when life is full speed ahead. I've prioritized my space to serve as somewhere I want to come home to feel at rest. Creating these same spaces for my clients has been an inspiration - and I'd love to do the same for you online!

How COCO Organized Will Set You Up For Success

  • 4 Video Modules

    Narrated segments to watch or listen to based on your learning preference or availability.

  • Workbook

    A downloadable guide and printable resources to support you through each step of your progress.

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access to the course and any updates or added resources uploaded in the future. Perfect as a refresher reference or to use on repeat for each space

Oh Mag! I Have So Many Questions.

Quite Naturally. Fire Away!

  • What level of experience do I need?

    Absolutely none! I've got you covered no matter what level of organizing experience you have :) If organizing has never been a natural or easy thing for you, that's ok! But if you are someone who feels they are pretty well set up, I'm confident that you'll be able to dive deeper into creating a mindset and an action plan to create even more spaces of calm!

  • Will I have my entire house organized by the end of the course?

    The course is structured so you can focus on one space at a time. By diligently following the steps in the course you'll learn how to apply those same actions to your next space that needs some ( or a lot ) of love. This will likely motivate you to keep going- but only at your own preferred pace! Everything, you learn is repeatable so the more spaces you address the easier it will become.

  • What if I can't physically do this alone?

    If you don't have a family member or friend available to help you for a few hours a week, you can still apply the core steps to more manageable areas of your home. In fact, the process can easily be applied to gain a handle on that email inbox you've been avoiding! If down the road you have more helping hands, you'll be well prepared for the process!

  • Could you just come to my house and organize for me?

    Oh you bet I can and I do wish I could be everywhere helping everyone in person ...but it's going to cost you 10x this one-time investment. An investment ( that let me remind you )- includes LIFETIME access!

  • So when can I start?

    So glad you asked because I am as excited as you are to jump in! Once you enroll you'll gain immediate access. How fun is that?!

Are you ready for a clutter-free space?

I know you can do this. YOU know you can do this. So don't let the act of getting started hold you back from the transformation you deserve.

Hear What Other Women Have to Say About Making the Leap to a Life More Organized

"Best Money I Ever Spent!"


Best money I ever spent! I've been feeling like I'm suffocating in clutter with two little kids and a recent move to a new home. Maggie ...is so calm and makes a normally stressful process a breeze. Her suggestions and recommendations are helpful for maintaining this organized clutter-free lifestyle as well.

"Even virtually the process was absolutely seamless! "

by Julie

Maggie did an amazing job with our walk-in pantry! Even virtually the process was absolutely seamless! She is quick to respond to questions or concerns and brought a very welcomed set of fresh eyes to our cluttered, disorganized pantry. As a mom of 4 my pantry is a revolving door- even my kids have commented on how awesome it is to have everything so easy to find. Maggie is so professional and friendly- making it so easy and fun to work with her.

"This Un-Cluttered life is FaNtAsTiC!"


Maggie is Incredible!! ... At my most overwhelmed, Maggie was able to guide me towards keeping only what I truly need and gave me the support I needed to recognize how much better my life would be when I wasn't keeping track of a zillion little things! I couldn't imagine it at the time, but I knew it was the right thing to do and right on time. Since then I haven't looked back and this Un-Cluttered life is FaNtAsTiC!!

"It feels like an exaggeration to say "life changing!"


It feels like an exaggeration to say "life changing" but when it's a room I walk through at least 5 times a day, having the mudroom/laundry room clean and organized is life-changing! Thank you Maggie for your magic.

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